Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Secret Has Changed My Life

Hello and welcome! My name is Rima Valunaite and I am just filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity here and now to share something so wonderful with you, something that has changed my life and something which I know can bring great joy and abundance to everyone who comes in contact with it!

Now, first of all I just want to share my story with you and explain how The Secret and understanding the Law of Attraction has changed my life over the past few months.

At one point I was in worst place of my life and thought the world is coming to an end. I separated from my partner and stayed with my son Christian all by myself. I had to give up full time job to a part time so I could look after my boy. However I was extremely worse off. But the troubles did not end here! Soon my employer reduced my working hours from 20 to 8 hours a week! I was completely broke and in a deep despair.

One day my sister send my a link of The Secret. She said there is an answer for everyone you will find yours as well. God, I am so grateful to her for that! The same day I went to Amazon and ordered the DVD. While I was waiting for the delivery I was not wasting my time. I went to the Internet to search for more information about the Law of Attraction and came across or to be correct attracted The SGR website. I signed up for 7 Free Lessons and started studying straight away. I read all the lessons several times trying to understand and absorb every word. I felt that I found The Secret! My thinking changed, I changed and my life started to change!

Finally I understood that I am responsible for my own life and there is no one to blame for. I lived in a reality, as many people, created for me by society and government which make their money from our poor health, debt and our struggle 'just to get by'. Their abundance is dependant on our lack. I desperately needed to get free and create my own life just the way I wanted. Then I knew that if I want I can achieve anything I want in life.

At last long waited The Secret arrived and I put it in the DVD player. I was so exited and was watching with joy and gratitude that I had such a valuable material in my hands. I felt how my soul got lifted up and I was ready to take a fly. I knew if I kept looking I will attract right people and opportunities into my life. I could not wait until next day comes and I could keep looking.

One of my friends asked me what I was going to do when my working hours were reduced. I answered I did not know but I would by tomorrow. I believed what I said however I had no clue what I was going to do. Next day Free Report got into my hands explaining step by step how to set up home based Internet business. You would think this was a coincidence but I think the Law of Attraction did its work! I always wanted to work from home so I could spend more time with my son. What can be more important than seeing your child growing?

I still work 8 hours a week but the money I earn is a pocket money for Christian. I work from home and enjoying it very much. I have always wanted to do something in life that would help other people. And there is my chance! I share with people the Law of Attraction and feel enormous satisfaction seeing how they change and their lives change as well!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

The SGR Club - Affiliate Opportunity

You probably have watched or at least heard about The Secret? The teachers featured in the movie have created The Science of Getting Rich Program. It is a phenomenal program teaching how can you achieve everything you want in life be it wealth, health or happiness.

After I have watched The Secret I went to the Internet to search for more information about the Law of Attraction and came across or attracted The SGR program in my life. I immediately signed up for 7 free lessons of The Law of Attraction and could not wait until my briefcase arrived. Now I am excited about life and excited about the future! I am so happy and grateful to Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield for creating the phenomenal SGR Program! And I am so excited about helping spread it's power, wisdom and truth to the world. The program is not only the most powerful program on the planet for teaching the Law of Attraction and Science of Getting Rich but it is also the most incredible home-based business opportun ity available today!

This is just the beginning! The SGR program was officially released on 1st April 2007 and the pre-release was 10th March 2007. Having the opportunity to be part of something which will grow into a global phenomenon, create many millionaires and help raise the consciousness of the planet is just awesome and extremely rare! And having the opportunity to be involved from the very beginning is even rarer!

The SGR program will change hundreds of thousands of lives and you have the opportunity to be part of that! This is not just a "business opportunity" this truly is a movement. A movement which will not just wake thousands upon thousands of people up to their true power, but will actually show them, step-by-step how to harness that power and take control of their lives!

Can YOU Make Money With This Program?

Give some thought to this:

The Secret Movie was only released in March 2006 and:

* Has already been seen by over 3 million people!

* 7,000-10,000 people Per Day are watching the movie for the first time!

* Has been the #1 movie and the #1 book on amazon.com!

* Incredible Media interest - Featured on Oprah, Ellen, Larry King and many others!

* As popular in Asia as in USA and Europe.

* A sequel is currently in production and will be released at the end of 2007!

* Millions are asking for more.

The market for the SGR program is MASSIVE! And lets not forget the individual teachers Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. They all have their own following and particular target market away from The Secret also.

Now to answer the question “can YOU make money with this program” that simply comes down to one thing... If you think the teaching of The Secret movie is "a nice idea" but you don't believe it to be true then the SGR Program really isn't worth your time or investment. But if like me, since being exposed to the truth about the Law of Attraction, you not only have a burning desire to develop your own powerful abilities and become the true master of your life, but also wish to share this incredible information with others, then the simple answer is one big YES!

You see, this isn't about selling it is simply about sharing. You don't need to have any prior sales or business experience. The $5,000 worth of affiliate tools that you get for just $197 do so much of the work for you! Or you can sign for Free and still get commissions! And with ongoing training from Bob Proctor (ongoing weekly live calls) and the affiliate forum network and Mind Valley (the company responsible for creating the affiliate program) you have all the support you could possibly need to achieve succes.

How Much Time Will This Take

The other great thing about this opportunity is that it doesn't have to affect your current life situation at all if you don’t want it to. This doesn't have to be a full time occupation by any means. If you want to continue with your job, as a lot of people will, you can easily work with this opportunity in your spare time and still be extremely successful with it. It is entirely up to you what you want to achieve with this.

What Support is Available?

There is a huge amount of support available from many different sources. You will be provided with online and off line promotional tools, personal support and online learning. The SGR members forum is another fantastic source of information and it is full of hundreds of highly positive people offering their knowledge and support. If you have a question there's always someone on the forum who can help.

I've mentioned the weekly training calls with Bob Proctor, but as well as these there are regular SGR Affiliate training calls and online webinar presentations souly dedicated to helping you build your SGR business and you will learn powerful ways to successfully market the SGR Program.

As part of the Premium Affiliate membership you will also have access to a comprehensive internet marketing learning center which was created by Mind Valley Labs. Mind Valley labs are the market leader in the field of affiliate marketing, they created the SGR affiliate system and their internet marketing course usually sells for $995 but you get this included as part of the SGR affiliate membership!

To find out more about The Science of Getting Rich and this fantastic opportunity go to the website:

Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Science Of Getting Rich

If you reading this article now, know that you attracted it into your life.There is no accidents or coincidences, everything what happens is a result of our thoughts.

The Science Of Getting Rich is the Wallace D. Wattles timeless classic written almost 100 years ago. Some people have said that after the Bible , the Little Green book might just be... It guarantees to unlock all the wealth you could ever want, in the fewer thatn 80 pages.

The opening sentence of Chapter 1 is:

''Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.''

This book is a key to prosperity you have longed for. It is an exiting journey to a new reality. It explains fundamental principles of wealth creation and life success. As Wallase says himself, trust and believe. Whatever you want in life it is right there waiting for you. The Science of Getting Rich will change your life forever!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

You can choose success. Do you believe this? If you do not then
you have chosen (yes chosen) a different route and success will
not be a prominent feature! Success is about choosing what you
want in life and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal.
Success is not stopping until you get there!

Read the last two sentences again. Easy to say but how do you
get there? What are the choices made by the successful? What
are they doing differently from everyone else?

Choose to remove whatever is holding you back. Has something
happened in the past to affect your self esteem? Do you
immediately have negative thoughts as soon as money and success
come to mind? If you are not choosing success then it is likely
that something is blocking your ability to change and follow a
new path. To remove the block you must have focus. To have
focus you must first have an all consuming dream of where you
want to be. Only when you have defined that dream can you start
to focus on it. Focus so intently that everything you do is done
with your dream in mind. Only then can you move toward that

Choose to live your success. Live your life as if you were
successful, as if you had already achieved the goal that you are
focusing on. When you are at work, visualize what your workplace
will be like when you have reached your goal, and place yourself
there. Sit at your desk as if you were running the multimillion
dollar business that you are focusing on. When you get into your
car, visualize what your dream car will be like and see yourself
sitting in it. Visualize yourself driving away from your dream
house. When you are in your home - look around it and see your
new surroundings. Get inside the feeling - really be there.

The more you do this, the more your subconscious will think that
you are successful and move you towards these things. Live your
success expecting to realize it. Living it now is a practice run
for when it comes to you. After all, you want to be prepared,
don't you?

Choose to believe in your success. What your conscious mind
believes, your subconscious strives to achieve. Look around at
your friends and acquaintances and ask yourself how many of them
have unshakable belief in where they are going. Are they
successful? Possibly not - they may be in a good job and have a
nice life but they do not have the success factor. Perhaps you
do know of someone with unshakable belief. They may not be
successful now but they will be moving in the right direction.
Watch that space....

Belief is the catalyst which takes the dream and turns the focus
into a plan to get there. Never underestimate the power of

Choose to be emotional about your success. Belief plus emotion
are unstoppable. If you have utter belief then you will develop
emotion. If you want something badly enough it is emotive.
Maybe it is to get out of debt. If you have suffered the
hardships of this situation you will feel everything to do with
debt and money is charged with emotion. This is the reason
behind so many 'rags to riches' stories. Sometimes only the most
devastating of emotional circumstances are the catalyst for
change and a move toward success instead of away from it.

You can choose success. Or you can choose to stay safe and do
what you do now. Guess what - you will still be doing the same
in ten years time.

If you are ready to change your life do it today! Go to to the website:

Monday, 22 October 2007

Law of Attraction

How many times have you sat back and thought how wonderful it would be if you could just wish things true? Humans have always been attracted to this kind of fantasy,embodied in the fairy tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. This desire, this need to have what seems unattainable is evident inthe popularity of gambling and the state lotteries. People will spend their last dollars for the chance to change their entire lives in the course of fiver minutes.

But the irony is vast.Without knowing it, humans have had the power to obtain their dreams within them all along. So have you. It's called the Law of Attraction. It has been around since the universe began, and it is working in your life right now. The simplest way of defining the Law of Attraction is this: You get what you think about, your thoughts determine your destiny. Thoughts have an energy all their own, and they attractthings which have a common energy. It is one of the Laws of the Divine Universe and it applies to everyone. It is as unbreakable as any law of science or mathematics. You only need to control it, to seize your destiny and believe in the Law's power.

So the question is: how can you use the Law of Attraction to get what you desire? There are some guidelines to help you get started on the right path. Firstly, you must decide what it is that you desire. This is called developing clarity. If you find it difficult to determine what it is that you want, try thinkingof it in the contrast. When you find what it is in life that you don't want, it will be much easier to pinpoint what it is that you do want. Your second step on this path is to use a technique called vibrational matching. This is nothing more or less than using quiet meditation to determine your feelings on your perceived desire. Use feeling and meditation to determine if your thoughts are predominately positive about this desire.

Finally, you must allow your desire to come to you. Your would be surprised at how often we prevent ourselves from getting what we want by focusing on the negative. Begin allowing things to cometo you, and stop waging wars against the things you do not want.If you're fighting something, that means you're thinking about it. Therefore, without even realizing it, you could be attracting the very things you're fighting against.

Go to the website bellow and claim Your 7 Free Lessons how to apply The Law of Attraction: